Haag-Streit Biometer Lenstar LS 900



Haag Streit Biometer Lenstar LS 900 Biometer is a non-invasive, non-contact OLCR (Optical Low Coherence Reflectometry) device.

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Lenstar LS 900 is used for obtaining ocular measurements and performing calculations to assist in the determination of the appropriate power and type of IOL (intraocular lens) for implantation after removal of the natural crystalline lens following cataract removal. It provides the user with a complete biometrical assessment of the patient’s eye in a single measurement procedure, including lens thickness, anterior chamber depth (lens position) and retinal thickness.


  • Post-refractive cases – quick and reliable
  • Perfect K values – best toric results
  • Hill-RBF-method- for excellent refraction outcome
  • Outstanding optic measurement results
  • Biometry of the entire eye in a single measurement
  • Frontiers in IOL Prediction
  • Open data and an intuitive user interface
  • Improved refractive outcomes
  • Access to full eye data in a single click
  • Hit the target any time
  • Excellent IOL prediction in all eyes
  • Fast, precise and comprehensive refractive results


  • Corneal Thickness: Measurement range 300–800μm | Display resolution 1μm
  • Anterior Chamber Depth: Measurement range 1.5–6.5mm | Display resolution 0.01mm
  • Lens Thickness: Measurement range 0.5–6.5mm | Display resolution 0.01mm
  • Axial Length: Measurement range 14–32mm | Display resolution 0.01mm
  • White-To-White Distance: WTW Measurement range 7–16mm | Display resolution 0.01mm
  • Keratometry: Measurement range for radius 5–10.5mm | Display resolution 0.01mm
  • Pupillometry: Measurement range 2–13mm | Display resolution 0.01mm
  • Measurement Modes: ‘Normal’ eye, Aphakic eye, Pseudophakic eye, Silicone-filled eye
  • Laser Safety: Class 1 laser product
  • Digital Interface: DICOM (SCU), EyeSuite Script Language, GDT, EyeSuite command line interface