Give Your Equipment a Second Life

ZRG Medical coordinates with hospital supply chain staff to remove surplus medical equipment in the safest, most efficient and environmentally conscious manner. We haul all of it away — every time.

Whether you are a small medical office or large hospital, ZRG Medical can help you with your facility liquidation from start to finish – no matter the size.

We understand that every health care facility doesn’t have the same needs and priorities when it comes to removing their surplus assets. We work with you to understand your needs, schedule on your terms and liquidate assets of your choosing.

Comprehensive inventory services

ZRG will take inventory of all assets removed from facility and upload to our easy-to-use 24/7 accessible Customer Portal providing the utmost transparency in all of our services.

Complete deinstallation, removal and logistics support

After a decade of liquidating healthcare assets, we understand the hassle removing equipment can cause hospital staff. The ZRG team will be there to help every step of the way, scheduling deinstallations and pick-ups on your terms.

In the customer portal you can

  1. • Request pick-ups
  2. • View inventory detail
  3. • Retrieve documentation

Tailored liquidation strategy

Because we specializes in reselling and recycling of medical equipment, ZRG can create tailored solutions for managing any surplus assets suited to what you need. Your ZRG Project manager will discuss the best options for getting maximum value of the surplus assets and come up with a tailored strategy for liquidation.

Test to ensure functioning equipment

Before anything is resold, rented or exported, ZRG’s Healthcare Technology Management team methodically tests every piece of equipment received and confirms the key functions of units are working properly.

Guidance for Facilities Liquidation Practices

Is there a cost?

There is never a fee for the hospital. ZRG may pay for equipment removed, depending on value.  Whether the hospital receives payment or not is determined ahead of time, based on equipment to be removed.

What about non-medical equipment?

ZRG’s specialty is medical equipment reuse and recycling; however, we’re certified to manage all hospital surplus, excluding biohazardous materials.  We can always review any items in question if you’re unsure.

What documentation do we need?

Through ZRG’s online customer portal, documentation can be accessed with clarity and ease.  Inventory lists, releases of liability, and certificates of recycling are at your fingertips with ZRG.  Designed with convenience in mind, the portal can also be used to request new liquidation jobs and review past jobs ZRG has already completed.

What about liability?

Liability is released to ZRG by hospital staff.  We are HIPAA compliant and patient confidentiality training is required of our employees.  Furthermore, we follow strict standard operating procedures for managing equipment with stored sensitive data to guarantee all crucial information is removed.  In the event patient data is found on customer equipment, the POC is immediately notified while ZRG holds the device until specific instructions are received.

What is the hospital staff’s responsibilities?

ZRG can be contacted by phone, email, or our customer portal.  If available, hospital staff will provide a manifest. If not, ZRG just needs the logistics for pickup, and we’ll take care of the rest.  After items are inventoried, a complete list — including serial numbers — is available for hospital staff within two business days.

What happens to the equipment?

Ultimately, it depends on the equipment type and condition.  Equipment will be resold, donated, or responsibly recycled.

What are some things I should keep in mind?

• Schedule regular pickups to keep storerooms free of items no longer in use
• Have surplus removal plan in place when you’re expecting large capital purchases
• Carefully select your disposition vendor to remain in compliance with legal regulations and your organization’s internal protocols
• Regularly vet your vendor to ensure your institution follows California State law for resale of medical equipment

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We can dispose of more equipment by using ZRG, they have helped us with 3 really big take-outs. The same team of people show up and handle our pickups which makes it easy since they are familiar with our location. Everything has always run very smooth with using ZRG.

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