Sustainability. Diversity. Giving Back.

Imagine having a reset button to life, an opportunity to change the story. To infuse new life into an old thing, to choose yes instead of no. A second chance to be incredible, useful, purposeful, NEEDED.

We believe second chances are more than just great opportunities — they’re responsibility exercised in real-time.  That’s why we’ve been repurposing medical equipment — and keeping it out of dumpsters — since 2013.

ZRG has been streamlining the medical asset disposition process for its customers and eliminating the needless waste in landfills by reselling, donating and recycling surplus medical equipment. Today, ZRG is the leading medical asset disposition vendor in Southern California and is growing nationally with expanded services and customers in the North- and Mid-West regions of the country.

Our mission is to give economically disadvantaged people access to outstanding medical care, create new jobs in a working environment that celebrates equality and diversity, and eliminate needless waste in landfills through the reselling and donation of hospital medical equipment.

Our vision is to repurpose one million pieces of high-quality medical equipment by 2027, so quality healthcare becomes accessible to millions of people worldwide and local economies are stimulated through the creation of new jobs.

Meet The Team

Our Team

Our dedication to transparency incites honesty and accountability in our practices.

We approach all situations with empathy, giving us a truer understanding of our clients’ experience.

As a team, we tackle issues head-on to maximize efficiency.

Mimi Lively of ZRG medical equipment San Diego

Mimi Lively

ZRG’s Chief Executive Officer, Mimi Lively, passionately promotes technical education for biomedical engineers and spearheaded the development of the Biomedical Equipment Technician Program at MiraCosta College.  She and ZRG continue to support local students with both internship and scholarship opportunities. 

Tony Lively

ZRG’s President, Tony Lively, is actively involved in the California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA) and serves on the professional association’s Executive Board of Directors.  He has been instrumental in implementing the CBET training opportunities for its members. 

A Recycled History

In the beginning, Tony worked for a company that recycled and flipped all sorts of equipment. He began focusing on medical equipment and found like-minded people who appreciated the benefits of repairing and repurposing technology.

Mimi spearheaded the Biomedical Technician course MiraCosta College which continues to be offered today at its Technical Career Institute location in California. She was especially passionate about helping people throughout the world to get the medical care they deserve — working closely with charitable organizations to provide them with medical equipment to complete their missions.

One conversation after another led to the same conclusion for Mimi and Tony — there’s an incredible amount of medical equipment regularly being replaced in the healthcare industry.  It’s not that the equipment was unusable, it’s simply being switched for newer technologies.

When Tony’s employer liquidated the company, he and Mimi saw an entrepreneurial opportunity to continue providing a valuable service for the medical industry, while fulfilling Mimi’s vision of caring for the Earth. Together, they decided to create ZRG Medical.

Today, we partner with credible and established hospitals, surgery centers, doctor’s offices, and healthcare technology management professionals to give gently-used medical equipment the second life it deserves — at price points the healthcare community LOVES.

It’s not just our 9-5 job…it’s our passion.

For us, every contract is a new opportunity to make medical technology affordable for the healthcare community while allowing larger organizations to responsibly recycle unneeded equipment and recoup part of their investment.

We’re proud of what we do.

From our Earth-based approach for repurposing equipment, to our investment in continuing education, to knowing the work we do contributes to bettering people’s health every day, we’re committed to providing the healthcare industry with smarter, more responsible ways to manage equipment.

ZRG Medical is certified Women Owned by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), a member of the Healthcare Supplier Diversity Alliance (HSDA), and Mimi sits on the Supplier Diversity Council of the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA).

ZRG medical building facade medical equipment San Diego