Topcon SL-D2 Slit Lamp



Topcon SL-D2 Digital-Ready Slit Lamp can be used as both a conventional slit lamp or with optional digital camera integration to capture 8 megapixel images.

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SL SL-D2 is Topcon’s most cost effective ophthalmic slit lamp, while delivering uncompromised optics from Topcon’s own lenses, an ergonomic design and enhances precision with a slit angle rotation from 0 to 180 degrees.

  • Comfortable view using convergent and parallel options
  • Continuous slit adjustment to a max of 14mm in height and length
  • Quickly switch between 10x, 16x and 25 magnification
  • Omnidirectional joystick
  • Rheostat used to adjust illumination
  • Color enhancement from a rotary action inserted built-in amber filter
  • Also includes cobalt-blue and red-free filters
  • Digital ready with joystick triggered capture for DC-3 Camera attachment



  • Special-Filters — SL-D2 is dominant eye care professional device with standard amber filter feature. It gives imaging with clear, sharp and high contrasted fundus pictures. Its special optical filter will also help retinal specialists to know the detailed structure of the patient’s eye with amazing fluoro images and videos. It gives filters of Blue, Red-Free, and Amber with standard UV cut off, and IR cut as well.
  • Additional Flash Attachment FD-21 —Topcon SL-D2 needs a unique same brand FD-21 flash attachment set that improves the imaging clarity and usability of the device. Its additional flashlight will enable the practitioner to get high-definition images and videography of endothelium and fundus.
  • Digital Cameras — SL-D2 gives extensive and quality photography and videography but still need some other optional yet additional accessories. Topcon itself develop many such required accessories for more specific and digital imaging that supports a wide range of digital cameras.
  • Topcon DC-1, Dedicated SL-D Series — Likewise, it includes a digital defined camera of various brands and model such as Sony DXC 900/390, Nikon D70, Nikon D2H/D2X, etc. Beside other accessories, 1/2″ and 1/3 CCD cameras are also supportive of Topcon SL-D2 equipment.