Topcon ACP-8 Auto Projector



Topcon ACP-8R Automatic Chart Projector features 30 AO compatible Snellen charts including ETDRS, the fastest chart rotation on the market, and fully programmable chart selections.

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ACP-8R Automatic Chart Projector features 30 random access charts with multiple 20/20 and 20/15 lines, which are ideal for LASIK centers and for post-surgical determination of precise visual acuity.

  • 30 AO compatible test charts including ETDRS
  • Fastest chart rotation on the market
  • Fully programmable chart selections
  • Wide projection size (330 x 270)
  • Variable focus lens
  • Programmable wireless remote
  • Completly interfaced with CV-5000


Refracting distance: 2.9 to 6.1 m

Projection magnification: 30x (in 5 m refraction)

Projection size: 330 x 270 mm, Ø 300 mm (in 5 m refraction)

Number of charts: 30

Chart change-over: 1 frame / 0.03 sec

Number of masks: Open 1, Horizontal line 5, Vertical line 8, Single isolation 21, R/G 1

Mask change-over: 1 frame / 0.03 sec

Program step: 2 types, max 30 steps available