Sterrad NX Sterilizer


The Sterrad NX is a sterilizer that is an advanced system with a hydrogen peroxide gas plasma system that can run a standard 28-minute cycle.

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With the STERRAD NX System, terminally sterilized instruments are readily available to help you keep your OR on schedule while providing the highest level of sterility assurance for your patients. The rapid 28-minute Standard cycle time combined with the dry gentle sterilization process makes the compact the ideal choice for medical device sterilization in every department where rapid instrument turnaround is crucial. STERRAD NX raises the standard of care by providing terminally sterile, packaged instruments at hand when you need them.

• Includes innovative software that allows heightened security, networking, and diagnostic abilities
• Safe Cassette Collection Box
• Easy to Load Sterilization Cassette
• Interactive Touch Screen Interface
• Sterilization Chamber
• Thermal Printer


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