Hologic Fluoroscan Insight FD Mini C-arm 4



Fluoroscan Insight FD is a mini c-arm system designed specifically for surgeons focusing on orthopedics and other extremities, lightweight to offer convenient mobility and flexibility.


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It’s ergonomic C-Arm design provides easy positioning, and the flat detector and image processing
algorithms delive4r superb images. The Insight FD is built for a more comfortable patient experience,
while also offering improved workspace access.Tilt and swivel capabilities for optimal monitor

  • Convenient handle and tube-head controls for fine-tuning
  • Single press x-ray exposure
  • Folds into a tight mobile package for efficient storage
  • Full 120° range of motion for improved maneuverability and precision
  • Customizable image parameters
  • Touch-screen interface
  • Adjustment-free imaging with automatic motion and metal detection
  • Rotating detector and collimator
  • Dose optimization for larger anatomy imaging
  • Image processing algorithms for distortion-free imaging
  • Laser alignment for precise image guiding
  • 20 inch arch depth for greater flexibility



  • Maximum output: 0.1 mA at 75 kVp
  • Focal spot size: 0.045 mm
  • Tube kVp range: 40 to 75 kVp (max)
  • Beam current: 0.020 to 0.100 mA


  • HD 1600 x 1200 display
  • 20 inch LCD flat panel
  • Extendable with 350° swivel
  • Digital DICOM compliant
  • 16 bit image processing
  • 1000 x 1000 monitor image


  • Depth: 20 inches
  • Free space: 14 inches
  • Vertical travel: 23 inches
  • Horizontal travel: 23°
  • Orbital rotation: 120°
  • Pivot rotation: 380°
  • Panning motion: 320°


  • 66 in (H) x 28 in (W) x 32 in (D)
  • 5 ft x 6.6 ft space allocation


  • 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC selectable
  • 50/60 Hz input
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