GE Giraffe Omnibed



GE Giraffe OmniBed is a richly featured neonatal microenvironment.

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GE Giraffe OmniBed is a richly featured neonatal microenvironment that combines the thermal advantages of a double-walled incubator with the access advantages of an open bed radiant warmer. Conversion between an incubator and an open bed warmer happens in seconds with a touch of a button. In either open or closed bed operation, the GE OmniBed provides a precise microprocessor controlled thermal support.

Stress on the infant, staff, and family members is reduced by eliminating the need to transfer the baby between incubators and warmers. Less equipment is now required for caregiving, cleaning, service, and storage. The Giraffe pioneered developmentally appropriate features including the patented Baby Susan rotating mattress and internal bed tilt. This feature enhances productivity by allowing the caregiver to properly position the baby for clinical procedures and to effortlessly facilitate family bonding. The GE OmniBed Incubator combines two traditional infant care products in one. A fully featured Giraffe OmniBed incubator and a radiant warmer in one. Protects from heat loss while the bi-directional maintains thermal stability. An infant receives uniform heat regardless of position.

  • OmniBed Incubator with an Air Curtain to protect from heat loss
  • Radiant warmer that provides consistent heat in any position
  • A consistent and controlled thermal environment
  • Improved access to patient
  • A less stressful environment for the patient and family
  • No need to transfer a patient from incubator to infant warmer
  • 360-degree rotating patient mattress
  • Drop down removable doors and rotating bed provide easy access In-Bed scale


  • Maximum height: Canopy down: 70″ (178 cm) Canopy up: 94 in (239 cm)
  • Minimum height: Canopy down: 60″ (152 cm) Canopy up: 82.3 in (209 cm)
  • Footprint: 45″ x 26″ (114 cm x 66 cm)
  • Weight: 328.5 lb. (149kg)
  • Floor to mattress height: 33″ to 43 in (84 cm to 109 cm)
  • Mattress size: 25.5″ x 19.2″ (64.8 cm x 48.8 cm)
  • Access Door Size: 9″ x 31″ (23 cm x 78 cm)
  • Drawer Size: 19″ x 20″ (48 cm x 50 cm)
  • Drawer Depth: 8″ (20 cm)