Erbe VIO APC2 Argon Plasma Coagulator Electrosurgical System

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Erbe VIO APC2 Argon Plasma Coagulator Electrosurgical System is a monopolar electrosurgical procedure in which electrical energy is transferred to the target tissue using ionized and, thus, conductive argon gas (argon plasma), without the electrode coming into direct contact with the tissue.

APC is an electrosurgical technique for the management of bleeding and the devitalization of tissue abnormalities. During the procedure, the electrosurgical current is transferred to the tissue via ionized argon gas. The procedure has few complications and is safe: creating effective hemostasis and homogenous surface coagulation with limited penetration depth. Since transmission of the electrosurgical current is by a non-contact technique, (the instruments do not come into direct contact with tissue), the instruments almost never stick to the tissue. The current can be applied axially, laterally or radially, depending on the indication.

• Diverse Effects – PULSED mode gives you the option of choosing PULSED 1 or PULSED 2, enabling an expanded range of coagulation effects and offering greater control
• Consistent Coagulation — Even at low power settings PULSED offers a homogeneous beam of coagulation
• Simplified Control — Reduces the need for constant foot pedal interaction, allowing you to focus more on target tissue areas