Drager Air-Shields T1500 Transport Incubator



Dräger TI500 Globe-Trotter® neonatal transport system.

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The Dräger TI500 Globe-Trotter® Neonatal Transport System combines all the technology of the Dräger TI500 Transport System with additional features for an improved level of care during transport.

  • Integrated ventilation support: The Dräger TI500 Globe-Trotter Neonatal Transport System is designed to transport infants in a thermally neutral environment and also provides integrated ventilatory support. Your system can be configured with ventilation and oxygen analyzers to meet the specific needs of each patient.
  • Front-mounted Controls: In addition to the incubator controls, all ventilator, tank gauges, and gas-related controls are front-mounted for quick access and heightened visibility.
  • Auxiliary flow meter: An auxiliary flowmeter is standard on the system, with an additional hand circuit to allow manual resuscitation if necessary. This enables you to ventilate twins in one incubator.
  • Air compressor option: Of all the leading neonatal transport systems, the TI500 Globe-Trotter is the only one that has the option of an integrated air compressor. This allows you to deliver medical-grade air while eliminating the need to carry air tanks.
  • Double Wall
  • Skin Temperature Probes
  • Examination Lamp
  • 2 Quiet Touch Port Doors and 2 Access Doors
  • 1 Iris Port


  • Height: 50.8 cm 20″
  • Width: 52.7 cm, 20.6”
  • Length: 95.9 cm, 37.8”
  • Weight: 49.2 kgs, 108.5 lbs