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Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

ZRG Medical is committed to providing the highest quality refurbished medical equipment. By preserving our natural environment for our community now and for future generations.

Here are some of the ways we accomplish this by:

1) By following the strict R2 standards and exceeding or meeting all EPA environmental laws and regulations

2) By using solar, conserving energy, using sustainable materials.

3) Minimizing waste through our zero waste -landfill policy.

4) Adhere to our written policy. For Reuse, Recover, and Disposal of EOL medical equipment.

5) Promote the sale of EPEAT and environmentally preferable products.

6) Empower ZRG employees to innovate ways to recycle and create sustainable best practices.

7) Partner with organizations like Practice Green Health.

8) Educate our ZRG employees and the community on environmental health benefits of a working with sustainable green company.

ZRG Medical Believe:

Extending the life of medical equipment positively impacts people and our planet. 
Equity, fairness, and diversity in business provide equal opportunity for everyone. 
Everyone deserves to be healthy and have access to affordable healthcare services.