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Is Medical Equipment Removal Policy Updated?

When was the last time your hospital’s policy on medical equipment asset disposition or furniture removal was reviewed or updated?

  1. 72% – Within the last 2 years
  2. 14% – Within the last 3-5 years
  3. 14% – Unsure

Does your organization have a policy in place that addresses how the medical equipment assets are tracked and disposed of?

  1. 75% – Yes
  2. 10% – No
  3. 15% – Unsure

What are some of the most critical factors when looking to dispose of your furniture and surplus medical equipment?

  1. Managing ePHI data security (the hospital’s number one priority)
  2. Disposing of medical equipment and furniture in an environmentally safe way
  3. Freeing up warehouse space along with the hospital’s basement and hallway space
  4. Getting maximum resale value for surplus assets
  5. Minimizing vendors disposal cost to the hospital

If your hospital is looking to update their current policy on medical equipment asset disposition program:

  1. ZRG Medical follows strict NAID processes and guidelines to help customers manage and remove of any ePHI data found in the excess medical equipment.
  2. ZRG has a zero-landfill policy regarding the removal and disposal of all medical equipment and furniture. ZRG Medical adheres to the R2/ Seri standard for e-waste processing.
  3. ZRG offers prompt pickups and asset tracking through our customer portal with documentation such as a release of liability and certificate of destruction.
  4. ZRG offers maximum resale through our monthly auctions.
  5. ZRG Medical does not charge a fee to pick up your surplus assets.