Terumo Sarns System 1



Terumo Sarns System 1 is a heart-lung machine that delivers high-quality care for patients.

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The Terumo Sarns 1 is a flexible system that can be customized to fit the specific needs along with being reconfigured as those needs change. The System allows for a variety of devices can be connected to the Advanced Perfusion System1 system to control and monitor the patient during a cardiopulmonary procedure. Pumps can either be mounted side by side on the system base or they can be mounted along on a pole to reduce the size of the Term Sarns Unit.

The System comes with a touchscreen Central Control Monitor that allowed for up to 12 different Perfusion screens and different equipment or protocol setups. The Touch screen also allows the user to control the pump speed, gas flow, and Fi02 (for electronic gas blenders).

  • System comes with a standard internal battery backup that has a minimum of 60 minutes
  • Comes with a fat processing, high-resolution touch screen monitor
  • Create up to 12 customizable perfusion screens
  • Compact, space saving base with multiple options for attaching pumps
  • System allows the user to define the pump response along with safety
  • Multiple cardiography delivery options


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