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Choosing MSRO to Donate Equipment During Pandemic

Medical Surplus Recovery organizations play a key role in the supply chain of disturbing much needed medical equipment around the world. Much of the outdated medical devices and disposables are collected and prepared for shipping to these countries in such need. Most qualified MSRO’s have the infrastructure and knowledge to accept and distribute these much-needed supplies.

How to choose the right MSRO comes down to the donors relationships based on that organization and their capabilities. Here is a list of the top MSRO’s:

Based on the Catholic Health Association’s white paper on selecting a high-quality Medical Surplus Recovery Organization (MSRO)
They list 9 Key drivers a MSRO should possess to be considered a quality organization.

1) Leadership

2) Staffing

3) Container cost/Value of equipment

4) Donating Hospitals/ Charity Organizations

5) Financial Partners

6) Donation Solicitors

7) Sorting / Biomed Tested Equipment

8) Inventory Management

9) Shipping / Distribution


With these guidelines a hospital, medical dealers or charitable organization should be able to choose the right MSRO to partner with.
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