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Can I Get Money Back for My Used Medical Equipment?

     The opportunity to generate revenue from your retired medical equipment depends on several factors:

1.) What is the age and condition of the assets?

Remember that medical equipment is always evolving and the older the equipment gets, the more its value will depreciate. Condition plays a major role as well. It costs vendors time and money to repair broken medical equipment for resale so the better shape it is in, the more money you can make.

2.) What is the market demand for the assets?

Market demand is constantly changing and depending on what type of equipment you are looking to liquidate; the market can be seasonal. The greater the need on the current market at the time of purchase, the more the vendor will be willing to pay for equipment.

3.) Are there valuable components that can be extracted?

If demand for parts on the market is high, you may still be able to make some money off of retired equipment—even if the equipment itself doesn’t have a lot of value. This is the case for many end-of-life items that are still widely used in hospitals.

At ZRG Medical, we never charge a fee to remove medical devices and may pay for the equipment, depending on its condition and value. Because we are licensed by the California State Board of Pharmacy to buy and sell medical devices, we can offer fair market value for your used or surplus medical equipment. At ZRG Medical, our goal is to provide hard-to-find parts for end-of-life equipment, so we may buy older devices for their greatly needed components. All potential payments to the hospital are determined ahead of time, based on equipment to be removed.