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New Project ZRG Medical

I wanted to share with you a new project ZRG Medical will be assisting Adventist Health Global Missions, who are working with Dr. James Appel at the St.Timothy Hospital in Robertsport Liberia.

The St. Timothy Government Hospital was originally founded by the Episcopalian Church in 1917 as a clinic. At the end of WWII it became a hospital when they transplanted a US Navy field hospital to the mission compound and built more buildings to accommodate the new services.

The hospital has not had many upgrades since then until a team from the US with Dr. Rob Montana and Dr. James Appel made the hospital their home during the Ebola outbreak. Since then they have been working very hard to update the buildings and add more equipment and supplies so they can offer better services. Dr. James Appel will be visiting us in California later this month and we are working to pack a container of needed items to be shipped back to Liberia.

ZRG is honored to partner with Adventist Health and Dr Appel to make a sustainable impact for the people of Robertsport, Liberia.

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