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Asset Disposition FAQs
ZRG thinks economically and environmentally about asset management
ZRG is committed to responsible recycling of all materials. We take a proactive and planned management approach to our business based on responsible recycling standards for industry best practices, and our management system foundation is structured accordingly. We not only subscribe to these standards, we hold ourselves accountable to each. We respectfully request our customers’ cooperation in assisting ZRG with maximizing its goals to promote environmental responsibility and worker health and safety.
How much will ZRG pay for my surplus?
ZRG pays top dollar for surplus medical equipment. We will review the equipment and provide a bid. If you’re not happy with the bid it can be negotiated further.
I have equipment that’s not medical – will ZRG take it, too?
Yes, because ZRG is able to remove all surplus assets from healthcare facilities, including what is not medical equipment. Depending on what ZRG removes, you may be charged a fee.We’ll review the inventory with you and determine our cost for removal, while ensuring you get the most money you can for your surplus.
What about an auction?
ZRG provides auction services for facilities that would rather find out what they can get on the open market for surplus, rather than being paid immediately for it. ZRG takes your surplus to its facility and processes it for auction. You will receive a check for your predetermined portion after your equipment has been processed, listed for auction, sold, and picked up by the buyer.
What about liability?
Hospital staff signs documents releasing liability to ZRG. We follow a standard operating procedure program for all equipment we manage including the sanitization of all ePHI data from hard drives and storage devices. Sometimes customers don’t want their equipment remarketed or reused. Because we have systems in place to ensure that all equipment can be responsibly recycled, rather than recovered for reuse, we’re able to meet the customers’ needs. ZRG is regularly audited by SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International), which is the housing body for the R2 standard of practices.
What does ZRG do with the medical equipment and other assets?


  • Repair and refurbish

  • Biomed certify working equipment

  • Sell complete systems with a warranty

  • Sell parts

  • Donate

  • Responsibly recycle

What about documentation?
ZRG’s Customer Portal provides access to all documentation you may require, including Release of Liability, Certificates of Recycling, and more. At the portal customers may review prior jobs ZRG has done for them and request new ones.
What is required of our customers?

In most cases, signed proposals, contracts, statements of work or similar documentation will be used to facilitate expectations of services.  In the absence of an over-arching agreement, a purchase order or sales order may be used. If requirements are changed for a specific order these will be documented with the individual order.  ZRG requests order specific requirements in writing. We want to ensure there is no miscommunication about your expectations.


ZRG is structured to accept reusable products.  There are certain items that are not accepted. Please make all efforts not to send this material.


  • Media with Patient Information

  • Flammables – any items containing flammable liquids

  • Refrigerants – equipment drained of refrigerants are accepted; certification should be attached to each item certifying the prior removal of refrigerants

  • Fluorescent Lamps – not accepted whole, but permitted in equipment such as copiers or LCD’s

  • Batteries – loose batteries not in equipment is not accepted

  • Firearms or Ammunition

  • Paints

  • Medical Equipment that has been exposed to body fluids, and that is without proof of sterilization

We’re out of space – now what?

Contact us.  We’ll review your inventory with you, then perform a full take-out of equipment; relieving your facility of unwanted surplus that fills your storerooms.   Excess assets are removed in a timely and responsible fashion. We’ll take care of all the details for you.


  • Schedule regular pick ups to keep storerooms free of items no longer in use.  

  • Put a disposition plan in place when you’re expecting large capital purchases.

  • Carefully select your disposition vendor to remain in compliance with legal regulations and your organization’s internal protocols.

  • Regularly vet your vendor to ensure:

    • You’re following State law for resale of medical equipment.
    • You’re getting the most value for your surplus.