Owners of ZRG Medical

ZRG (ZRG Medical) is a woman-owned asset management company that provides hospitals with liquidation services. ZRG follows strict environmental standards while refurbishing surplus medical equipment. ZRG’s practice is to put sustainability above all else, we’re held to strict standards for responsible management of surplus medical equipment.

ZRG obtains its medical equipment from healthcare facilities throughout the nation. At the ZRG facility, equipment is thoroughly tested, refurbished, and repaired. Only quality equipment with a warranty is sold to the end user.

ZRG holds a valid California Board of Pharmacy License, which is required by the State to sell medical devices.

The owners, Mimi and Tony Lively, are active in the California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA), and in the promotion of education among biomedical engineers. Mimi, Majority Owner, spearheaded the development and implementation of the Biomedical Equipment Technician Training Program at a local community college and continues to support students with internships, additional training, and scholarships. Tony is the Chair of CMIA and regularly participates in meetings held throughout the State of California. Tony has managed to build a tight network of biomedical engineers throughout the state and he’s implemented CBET training opportunities for CMIA members.