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ZRG employee spotlight Mathew Clough

  1. Q: What does an interesting/engaging day at ZRG Medical look like to you?

A: I like to be busy, so I’ll just plough through the day’s tasks, and make sure I get a bit of fork lift driving in whenever I can as I enjoy it, and I like being able to complete my own heavy-lifting chores without calling on the Warehouse guys to help

  • Q: In what ways are you contributing or making a difference to ZRG and its customers??

A: Making beautiful photographs of mundane (to me) objects

Also working with my wife on a project called Plastic Beach. In a 12-month pilot program conducted by Plastic Beach at a power sports retailer, over 400 lbs of plastic sheet materials were produced and collected before any consumer purchases. PLASTIC BEACH’S is a volunteer-based recycling collection model that makes recycling easy and hassle-free for businesses.

  • Q: How can people help?

A: Plastic Beach will down-stream all our collected plastic sheet materials to TREX who recycles plastic and turns it into composite decking.

  1. To meet our collection terms we need donations to support
  2. Safety equipment for our volunteers
  3. Collection and bulk storage bins for participating retailers
  4.  Recycling baler and equipment
  5.  Funds for van and shipping container
  6.  Education programs for businesses, partners and volunteers
  7. Our goal is to raise up to $50,000.
  • Q: What’s been the most interesting thing/equipment you’ve seen so far at ZRG and why did you think that?

A: Bone drills – shudder!

  • Q: Tell us something that ZRG Team doesn’t know about you.

A: I am a renaissance man – from sewing my kids’ Halloween costumes thru. Metal fabrication and MIG welding

  • Q: What are 1 or 2 things in your work experience that contributes to ZRG and its customers?

A: I bring my high standards to work with me, and scold myself if I miss my targets

  • Q: What the thing you that makes your job fun/great at ZRG?

A: Getting to drive a forklift, especially the crazy stand-up ones as they remind me of the loader Ripley fights the Alien with!

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